The Top 9 Most Annoying Things In FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Cover

Released by EA on 27 of September 2016, FIFA 17 was the latest FIFA installment and the first game in the series to use the spectacular Frostbite Engine. EA also introduced a story based game mode called “The Journey” in FIFA 17. In the Journey, you take the role of Alex Hunter who is a fictional 17 year old character, and is trying his best to play in the English Premiere League.

FIFA 17 also included new features such as active intelligence systems, new penalty system and new attacking techniques. Moreover, the new FIFA installment received quite positive reviews upon its release, unlike the previous edition; FIFA 16.

However, not every game released is perfect and that includes FIFA 17. The game is filled with bugs, unrealistic transfers, annoying frequent injuries and even scripting.

Here’s a list of the 9 most annoying things in FIFA 17.