Mi Gna – Kif Badak 3ani Tghib Cover Song By Rachelle Kiame

Mi Gna cover by Rachelle Kiame

The cover song of “Mi Gna” resurfaced back and became an instant hit again on social media websites after it was performed by Rachelle Kiame. According to Rachelle, her cover song reached 690k views on YouTube and Facebook with 8000 shares, 20,000 likes and many positive feedback.

Originally, the song “Mi Gna” was first released in 2016 by an Armenian singer and rapper “Super Sako” and has over 86 million views on Youtube. Mi Gna, which means “don’t go”, has become the number 1 searched song on Shazam in Turkey, beating top songs such as Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you, and Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne Marie’s Rockabye.

The second mashup that Rachelle sings is in Arabic, and the song was first released in 2015, by a Lebanese artist named Shiraz. The title of the song is called “كيف بدك عني تغيب” which translates to “How can you leave me.” The song was a great success and Shiraz continued to release great songs such as Gamara and Ayesh Ma3aya.

Here are the three songs.

Mi Gna cover by Rachelle Kiame –

Shiraz – Kif badak 3ani tghib –

Super Sako “Mi Gna” ft. Hayko –