Everything You Need To Know About Iraq

The Iraqi Flag

Our beloved homeland Iraq has been marred several times by the ravages of war, and now it’s under the wrath of ISIS. Some of the major wars that Iraq have fought in the past century are: The Second Kurdish–Iraqi War (1974–1975), the Iran Iraq War (1980–1988), and the Gulf War (1990–1991).

With the continues war and conflict that haunts the country in the recent times, many have forgotten what Iraq has brought to the world. From the first civilization, to the first invention of perfume, algebra, agriculture and much more. Iraq has unique and incredibly rich history, yet sadly it gets unnoticed. Back in the days, Iraq was like the Dubai of Middle East.

In this video, you will learn more about Iraq, its rich history, its people and their culture.

Everything You Need To Know About Iraq


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