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Worst Websites of 2017

Top 10 Worst Websites Of 2017

These days anyone can create a website with few simple clicks. Gone are the days of hiring an IT geek to do all the...
The Engagement of Johhny and Rasha

The Engagement of Johnny and Rasha

On Saturday 24th of June 2017, Johnny and Rasha got engaged in Melbourne, Australia. You guys make a great couple and I'm so happy...
Mi Gna cover by Rachelle Kiame

Mi Gna – Kif Badak 3ani Tghib Cover Song By Rachelle Kiame

The cover song of "Mi Gna" resurfaced back and became an instant hit again on social media websites after it was performed by Rachelle...

Christmas Party Highlights (2010)

On 26/12/2010 the Margaya Association organized a Christmas party for all the margaye people in Ishtar Receptions in Melbourne, Australia. The singer was Roslan...
The Chaldean Flag

The Akitu Festival 7311 (2011)

The Chaldean Federation organized a festival celebrating the Chaldean Babylonian New Year (Akitu) 7311 in Melbourne, Australia. 8 singers participated in this festival. Here's...

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